• 2 cups                                  Steel cut oats
  • 3 cups                                  boiling water
  • 1 cup                                    total of raisins, dried cherries and dried cranberries
  • 1/2 cup                                toasted almonds or toasted pecan pieces
  • 2 tablespoons                     light brown sugar
  • milk
  • yogurt
  • fresh fruit, like berries, peaches or what ever you like

In a heat proof bowl, mix oats with boiling water and let stand, covered for one hour. Stir in dried fruit and refrigerate overnight or up to a week. Stir in nuts and brown sugar.

To serve, pour 1/2 cup of milk in a bowl, put 1/2 cup of muesli over the milk and top with a little yogurt and fruit.

NOTES : This muesli grows on you as you eat it. It has the ‘crunch factor’ which comes from not cooking the oats. I served it as a side dish at a brunch. Piled in a glass bowl and I drizzled about a tablespoon of warmed honey on the top to give it some life.

Each gues may customize their own bowl of muesli, by providing bowls of fruit, additional toasted almonds, yogurt and a pitcher of milk near the big bowl of muesli.

The first time I served this dish, I also served bagels and lox. I presented the lox on a bed of butter lettuce, on a platter with sliced tomatoes, red onion and capers. Don’t forget the cream cheese and butter. Oh, Jack wanted eggs, so I prepared a herb frittata. Too much food for 6 people, but there was something for everyone. What I did not do was serve a pastry of coffee cake and next time, I would bake my mothers apple cake. Probably no one would want to eat it except Jack, but it makes the house smell great!

Recipe By : adapted from Food and Wine

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