• 1 large ¬†handful orange fleshed guavas
  • water
  • sugar
  • rum
  • bananas, halved
  • ice cream and/or whipped cream

Cut the guavas in 1/2 and scoop out the seeds into a small saucepan keeping the 1/2 shells intact.

Cover the seeds with a little water and stew well, sieve out the seeds

Add the guava halves to the sieved puree and cook them gently until soft.

Add sugar to the guava mixture, making it nice and sweet, then heat some banana halves in with the guavas.

Add a generous dash of rum.

Serve the hot fruit mixture over a good creamy vanilla ice cream. Top with fresh cream (Whipped cream).

NOTES : From the Belham Valley Restaurant in Montserrat. They also made their own ice cream which was the best. And this recipe in Barbara’s own words is “absolutely delicious”

Recipe by : Barbara Crowe

In Categories : ALL OLD RecipesDesserts

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